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Oil Painting: I work in a variety of mediums, and am always interested in trying new things. I created the "Rock Star Portraits" in a manic painting phase before I had kids and could paint for 60 hours a week. I've shown these paintings in many galleries and festivals, and have loved connecting with people as over 60 of them have found new homes.

Handmade Books: My newest artistic love is Book Arts. I love the craftsmanship of making books and am honored when someone who purchases one of my blank books writes in it, draws in it, and perhaps keeps a journal that they will cherish throughout their life. Artist's books fascinate me. I am at the beginning of my ambitions to be a book artist, and each new book project is exciting and satisfying.

Printmaking: I absolutely love linoleum prints, woodblock prints, and I have a bit of experience at intaglio and monoprinting.

Mixed Media: I often work with acrylics, stamping, inks, and collage. I mostly do this in my art journals.

Lettering: I absolutely love drawing letters; whether it be calligraphy, chalk art, sign painting, or crayola markers, its all fun to me.

Other: cyanotype prints, bullet journaling, fairy houses, gardening, cake decorating, henna, and whatever floats my boat.

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